أهل الأرض ورسل أهل الأرض


بابار الياس ، شيشواتني


Helpers in managing the order of the universe, you think, by the power of God. It is a sign of class authority that none of His creatures can utter a word of intercession for one of His creatures unless he himself allows a person to open his mouth to another. And those whom you consider to be masters of power and authority over God, the poor themselves are in a state of delusion when they do so. They also get out of that dilemma and ask each other what God has decreed for them, then they tell themselves that what God Almighty said, yes and what has been done is the truth and the truth, ask those who deny the truth. He who gives life to the creatures of the heavens and the earth, so let them know that God is the one who provides for His creatures everywhere, and you make them believe that who among you is guided by His gift and among you is standing in ignorance, and he has to do that himself according to the results of your actions, and for this decision he will not ask you about any of our crimes And he won't ask us about any of your crimes, and you tell them that too.