The Challenges of a Sociological Investigation of Transportation's impact on Society


Ruban Malook


The article set out to assess the Social Studies and Management Department at Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University (MADI) with an eye toward incorporating transportation sociology into the university's arts and social sciences curriculum. The document also aimed to include these themes into the academic calendar for the social sciences and humanities. The author of this text aimed to create something that would please readers in the modern period while also taking into account the university will use cutting-edge pedagogical tools in accordance with the concepts of transdisciplinary and integrated learning. On the other hand, explained how studying transport sociology helps educators provide pupils with a theoretically grounded view of social reality. You need to convey this material in class in a style that is easily digestible by your students. places where theorizing about transportation meets doing it The lessons are blended together, with the emphasis placed on the topics that have the most resonance with the students. In these parts of the world, the passage of time is a factor. transportation in the context of a coronavirus pandemic, how people act while using transportation, how transportation systems function, etc. The ability to effectively communicate the educational value of an effective transportation system is crucial. The significance of taking transportation's social function into account.

Keys word:  university education, the road construction industry, interdisciplinary, pedagogical innovation, and social responsibility.