What is Islamophobia and how much is there? Theorizing and measuring an Emerging comparative concept


Sara Gul
Asma Abid


Islamophobia is a recently recognized notion within the field of social sciences, namely in the realm of comparative analysis. However, a universally recognized definition of Islamophobia that allows for comprehensive comparative and causal analysis has not been established. This article delves into the examination of the utilization of the term Islamophobia throughout public and intellectual discourse, highlighting the existence of these discourses across many platforms. The provided statement further utilizes research on the creation of concepts, prejudice, and related manifestations of status hierarchies in order to present a practical definition of Islamophobia within the realm of social science. This definition characterizes Islamophobia as the manifestation of indiscriminate unfavorable attitudes or feelings specifically targeted against Islam or individuals identifying as Muslims. The paper examines the suitability of various metrics for assessing Islamophobia and highlights the advantages of conceptual development in facilitating comparative and causal analysis.