AL-Farabi's Perspective on the Islamic Scientific Philosophical Tradition


Majid Iqbal
Shah Nawaz


Philosophy that begins with reason is at odds with religion, which begins with revelation and frequently generates ideological resistance. The purpose of this research is to determine the relationship between reason-based philosophy and Islamic knowledge derived from God's word. The goal of this research is described through a review of the literature, which includes both primary and secondary sources. According to this approach, Al-Farabi's philosophical ideas, such as emanation theory, political theory, and metaphysical theory, are capable of connecting philosophical conceptions with religious science. Science, according to Al-Farabi, is the result of thinking on diverse observations of the five senses and ideas on various physical occurrences. Al-Farabi had also studied philosophy and accepted Islamic texts with reason and reasoning. The reciprocal relationship in terms of truth according to philosophy and the concept of haqq in Islam, philosophers and imams, as well as the similarity of the concept of State offered by philosophy and its relationship with religion which teaches one to obey. against the government, is among the evidence that states the relationship between philosophy and religion according to Al-Farabi. This research helps to bring peace amongst the conflicting groups of religion and philosophy.